Brainstorm IT is a typical exponent of the Dutch Design paradigm: minimalist, experimental, innovative, quirky. Both simple and powerful. Our designers are top notch and know that design is not only about making something look good, but also about telling the most compelling story.


We design themes and templates for WordPress, Drupal and Magento, but also for custom software.


Our UI/UX specialists make sure that our designs pay the utmost attention to usability and user friendliness.


Robust development is the cornerstone of all of our products. We aim for our code to have the highest standard and we use modern development strategies to ensure that we maintain the best quality throughout the process. With us, the development of your new application is in the best hands you can imagine.


Making good plugins is a form of art. We develop and maintain several plugins for WordPress.


With users owning an ever wider variety of devices, responsiveness becomes key in reaching your audience.


We develop several in-house products, such as our own licensing system, as well as separate and individually maintained web applications.

Online Marketing

When you combine beautiful design with robust development, the third piece of the puzzle turns it all into a success: online marketing. A suitable SEO approach and an intelligent Social Media strategy ensure that you can not only reach your customers, but keep them interested and coming back.


Being able to measure your online performance is essential. We provide custom analytics reports and advice.


Reaching out to your users through newsletters is a tried and tested way of maintaining customer engagement.

Social Media

A modern company has to have at least a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account. We help you manage your social media presence.


A beautiful website deserves to be ranked as highly as possible on a search engine. We help you get that number one spot.